Superfish Aquaflow XL Bio Filter


Large internal filters with Triple-Action filter cartridges. The first cartridge is filled with Filter foam and Activated Carbon. This cartridge has to be replaced every month. The second cartridge is filled with CrystalMax, a very porous biological filter medium made from sintered glass. It acts as a sponge for micro-organisms, decomposes waste products and harmful substances very fast and effectively.

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A large internal filter that contains a Bio-Action cartridge, the Superfish Aqua Flow XL Filter decomposes waste products and harmful substances effectively.

  • Filters help remove pollutants from the aquarium and breaks them down by the bacterial action in the filter, so your water remains healthy. Internal filters are compact, and ideal for small aquariums.
  • Featuring a Crystal-Max porous filter medium which acts as a sponge, the Superfish Aqua Flow XL Filter removes microorganisms, and is the perfect filtration system for tropical and cold water aquariums.
  • Perfect filtration for tropical and coldwater aquariums.

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Dimensions 50 × 50 cm


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