About Us

Independent Aquatic Store

We opened Sustainable Aquatics from a love of all things aquatic and environmental

Our mission is to
Supply stock that is ethical, sustainable and non damaging to the environment 
Improve awareness of environmental issues surrounding our hobby
Improve wellbeing in our local community through fishkeeping and our charitable work

“I created Sustainable Aquatics so fishkeepers could enjoy their hobby in an environmentally sensitive manner as I’ve seen first hand and studied the damage that our industry had caused in the wild around the world”


Improving wellbeing through fishkeeping is important to us, thats why we have started working with Rotherham Hospice. Fishkeeping is incredibly relaxing so we have donated and maintain a tank free of charge to improve patient and visitor morale.


Our stock is carefully sourced to ensure sustainable practices within the industry. Our plants are grown using solar power and our suppliers use electric vans and water recycling. 


Our shop uses 100% renewable energy and our dry goods are chosen to ensure they are recylcable and minimise waste. Choosing natural products over chemicals where possible 


From a background in Fisheries at the Environment Agency, and qualifications from the Institute of Fisheries Management Carl knows that looking after fish is all about keeping good quality water 


Based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire our store offers a welcoming environment where you can come in for a friendly chat to get the best possible advice for your aquarium or pond. We deliver locally and cre only a short drive from Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley


We hope that we stock everything you could need for your tropical, coldwater aquarium or pond. From Bettas, Corydoras, Discus and Tetras to Japanese Koi and Axolotls 


Whatever your question we are happy to help. From beginers to seasoned fishkeepers we believe we give the best advice