Aquarium and Pond Stockist

Things we’re great at

We focus on bringing you the best quality products, at the right price while ensuring the best environment for your pets. We are proud of our wide range of stock:


With our range of tropical and coldwater fish, Axolotls, plants and crustaceans you are bound to find something for your aquarium.
Our fish are specially chosen for ordinary home aquariums, so you won’t find any ‘tank-busters’ here

Custom ordering

After something specific or difficult to source? If we don’t have what you are after in stock – dont panic!
We have a custom order facility with thousands of species available. We can usually source these for you within two weeks – supplied to you fully quarentined.

Delicate treatments

We know that keeping fish healthy is important, that’s why we only stock the best. We have a range of specially chosen products including Prodibio, NT Labs and Aquadip solutions to keep your fish and their water in top condition through biological and delicate means without the use of harsh chemicals

Specialists in aquascaping

We love to spend as much time with you as possible to ensure you get the right products. We are specialists in aquascaping, shrimp, bettas and peaceful community tanks.

If you’re looking to build a new scape, we have a specially built ‘aquascaping station’

Aquascaping specialists

Our stock is aimed towards the peaceful aquascaper, with nearly all of our fish being suitable for a planted aquarium. Our fish stock changes regularly so if you’re after something a little more particular be sure to give us a call or message before hand. We like to change up our fish all the time to keep things interesting!

Our aquariums are blue in order to reduce the stress of bright backgrounds to keep their stay with us as comfortable as possible. You’ll also notice that our tanks are deliberately understocked to reduce the nitrates in our water, giving the fish the best water quality possible and ensuring you take home the fish in top condition.

85+ stocked tropical aquariums

With over 5000+ fish to choose from A – Z we will have a fish species that interests you. We’re always mixing it up to keep new and exciting fish in stock

250+ plants

We have weekly deliveries of plants suitable for novices to expert aquarists. With advice and support anyone can keep a natural tank thriving 

Tools, accessories and more 

With everything you could need from aquascaping scissors to filters to create your thriving ecosystem, with all the advice you could need why go anywhere else.  

Got a question? We’re here to help

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Building the right ecosystem for your fish

Think of your aquarium as a closed ecosystem for your fish. We can help you on your journey to create a natural, minimal maintenance ecosystem where your fish will thrive. We stock a wide variety of aquariums that are available to take home the same day, as well as some larger complete setups that can be delivered to your door within the week.



We have over 40 substrates (gravels and sands) for you to choose from, in addition to more soils, woods and rocks than you could ever want. Including spiderwood, corbowood, driftwood, savawood, mojowood, desertwood, ramnouswood, azaleawood and handcrafted bonsai trees.


Water chemistry 

Doing things naturally is important to us. You’ll get a lesson on how the aquarium ecocystem works. The nitrogen cycle is central to a sucsessful aquarium so we will help you on your way with Prodibio Start Up to kick-start your biological filtration



We have weekly orders of plants arriving with us so we will always strive to have a great selection for you to choose from. We have epiphyte plants which attach to wood or rock, as well as stem plants, carpeting aquarium plants, tissue culture plants and much more



Filtration is central to a sucsessful aquarium, you could’nt be in better hands. We have all the equipment to satisfy your aquascaping needs! You’ll find Filtration options from Fluval, Aquael, Sicce, Superfish. We keep both internal, external canister filters such as the FX4 and FX6 for your larger aquariums and the Fluval 107, 207, 307 and Sicce Whales



Nano Shrimp tank, or 6ft Discus tank, we have you covered. We stock aquarium heaters suitable for the smallest to the biggest. Including cleverly hidden heating options such as inline externals to small 25w internals with ceramic heater covers 


Other decor and equipment

If natural isn’t your thing, we have pirate ships and more decor than you can imagine, including a wide range of faux plants. 
We also have a wide range of aquaium maintenance equipemnt such as oxygenators, nets, foods etc. 

Outdoor ponds, nature ponds and containers 

Pond Supplies 

Upgrading your pond, creating a new Koi pond or just adding some new fish we have everything you could need for your outdoor oasis. From pond filters, UVs, electricals, liners, underlay or prefabricated ponds to plant accessories and fish. Our treatments and products have been chosen to be fully wildlife safe.

Pond plants

From February to October we have weekly pond plant deliveries. These include marginal pond plants, lillies, ferns, oxygenators and other deep water plants 

Pond fish

Fully quarantined Japenese Koi
Orfe and Tench
Shubunkins, Goldfish and Comets 
Other coldwater fish, snails and more

Pond filters

Blagdon and Superfish combi filters
Blagdon box filters
Pressurised Cannister filters
Filter accessories, media pads and bagged media
Evolution Aqua Vari-Flow, Nexus and EasyPod

Pond electrical and accessories

Evolution Aqua UVs
Pond heaters
Evolution Aqua and Blagdon airpumps
Decorative fountains
NT Labs Pond Treatments 
Evolution Aqua Koi first aid kits 

Indoor aquaria, tropical, coldwater and Axolotls

Carl and Lee, the owners, have years of experience in the aquatic industry and have a passion for aquatic life and plants.

Schooling fish

Schooling fish can add movement and interest to an aquarium. These fish usually create less bioload and prefer to be kept in larger groups to display their natural behaviours 
You’ll always find a great variety of Tetra, Rasbora, Guppies, Platies, Swordtails, Mollies, Rainbowfish, Corydoras, Microfish, Barbs, Minnows, Female Bettas, Ram Cichlids, Kribensis plus many many more

Statement fish

Something a little larger to add as a focal point in the aquarium such as larger gourami, larger rainbowfish, Discus, Male Betta and species of Cichlid. Most are plant safe, but some such as the Silver Dollar may like to munch down on them.

Other fish and oddballs 

Looking for algae eaters, bottomdwellers or something a little more unusual we have plenty of options. Such as our many types of shrimp, catfish, Otos, Bristlenose and L Number Plecos